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Royal Master Hydraulic Pump Unit
    Pump : D-3SW
    Puncher : 706SW
Hydraulic Gate Breaker
    Pump : SGW-18-GS
    Great Saver : GS-0825, GS-1525

  • These high-pressure hydraulic pump units, which feature superior durability despite their small size and light weight, have an excellent track record of about 40 years serving in demanding applications as hydraulic punchers, and working under harsh conditions including civil engineering projects and foundries.
  • The single-piece rotor shaft shows its strength in repeated starting and stopping.※
  • Our wet-type solenoid valve (S-D4-SGS-AHB), which has extremely small leakage, suppresses heat generation and helps our high-efficiency pumps do their jobs.※
  • To ensure safety, pumps with three-position, four-way solenoid valves have 24 VAC local control circuits.
  • We will attach manual changeover valves, pressure gauges, pressure switches, and other components, and change pumps to your desired circuits.

    ※ The 1SW-40 has a split shaft and is equipped with a dry-type solenoid valve.

    Technical note:
    Hydraulic pumps develop the same pressure despite their different sizes. The only difference is the discharge rate; a larger rate means you can work faster.

  • All units, from the small, light models to powerful types, are chosen by our customers because of their excellent ease of operation.
  • Standard models are used to punch elongated holes. Bits with elongated holes are also standardized, and we have a large inventory. ※
  • In combination with the powerful Royal double-acting hydraulic pump, these punchers will punch holes quickly, accurately, safely, and quietly. ※※
  • The new 506NSW, a puncher for small shape steel, has a 5。 taper die for channel steel that is a standard item in stock.

    ※  Elongated holes are an option for the 1150SW only.
    ※※ Noise is generated when steel material is very hard.

    Technical note:
    In making holes with these punchers, hole diameter must be larger than material thickness (SS400).

  • These pumps' excellent portability, made possible by small size and light weight, as well as their durability, make them a versatile choice for many uses including electrical contracting, civil engineering, and plumbing work.
  • The units are operated by a reliable remote control equipped with a solenoid valve,and equipment types can be chosen according to the type of control.
  • The SGS-2-C is capable of inching for fine control, making it optimum for jobs like pipe bending and straighening.
  • The SGS-2-O is for auto-return operation,and is good for tasks such as terminal crimping, cutting,and riveting.

    ※the SGS-2 is single-acting only, and cannot be used with double-acting cylinders.

  • The best choice for applications that require fine inching control, such as presses, jacks, and pipe benders.
  • Glycerin-filled pressure gauges and pressure switches are standard equipment.
  • The manual changeover valves can be operated easily even under maximum load.
  • Reservoir size can be changed to customer specifications.

    It is used for the unnecessary partial removal work by the finish work of tough cast iron.
    Please see Demonstration VIDEO for details.
  • The incredible breaking power of this tool allows quick (one or two seconds)and safe gate brealing.
  • Does not force workers into difficult positions because the tip rotates 360 degrees.
  • The unit is safe because of its 24 VAC trigger switch operation.
  • Tip sharp, handle length, and other specifications can be changed to suit customer needs.